Could you be a potential investor?

Today Investments Limited uniquely brings together successful investors who have a desire to grow and mentor business owners.

Our investors come from all walks of life but share a common desire to use their accumulated wisdom, knowledge and networks to help private businesses grow. Most are former Entrepreneurs, CEO's and CFO's who are looking for not only outstanding returns, but the chance to make a meaningful difference to Australian enterprises.

Our investors operate as a team throughout the entire investment process from analysing a business, conducting due diligence and ultimately mentoring our partners via board and advisory roles.

As of September 2017 Today Investments Limited has approximately 140 investors, with collectively in excess of 2,000 years of business, professional and life experience from which to draw knowledge and guide decisions. As a group, there is rarely a question raised where someone hasn't been there and seen it before.

Am I suitable?

Today Investments Limited is a collaborative group of successful, experienced, no nonsense investors with a shared desire to mentor and grow successful businesses. We exist to help transfer knowledge between generations and generate outstanding returns.

Typically our members:

  • Are former Entrepreneurs, CEO's or CFO's;
  • Have a desire to share their knowledge and wisdom;
  • Have at least $500,000 of investable funds (and often substantially more);
  • Manage their own investments, often under a SMSF structure;
  • Invest for the long term; and
  • Want outstanding compounded returns (20-30%+).

What next?

To find out more about investing with Today Investments Limited download our guide for investors by filling out the form below.

Membership is exclusive and not everyone is accepted, but for those who are, Today Investments Limited provides a uniquely rewarding way of investing in and mentoring successful businesses.

Who is Today Investments Limited?

Today Investments Limited is the private equity arm of Today Investments Co., Ltd an investment group whose members own or control approximately $1 billion in invested funds. Investors are predominantly high and ultra-high net worth individuals with significant business expertise.

As of February 2017, Today Investments Limited has significant investments in nine private Australian businesses and is seeking to grow our portfolio by between two and three investments a year. A list of our investments can be found on the Investments page.

Our businesses are all run by their existing management and seek strong and stable returns on equity. This means that they are able to pay substantial dividends while continuing to grow in a responsible, successful, manner.

What do we do?

Today Investments Limited looks to make investments in private Australian businesses with significant, long-lasting 'Moats', and quantifiable and manageable Risks.

A Moat is a characteristic that either provides a barrier to entry for competitors or enables the business to extract greater value from customers. We call these strengths Moats to distinguish them from the more common term 'Sustainable Competitive Advantage' as often a Moat is not unique to a single business. Just like in medieval times where many castles had Moats to add to their defence, the simple presence of a Moat is often not unique and neither does it make a business invulnerable - but it certainly protects its shareholders more than a business without one.

Control and our investors

Today Investments Limited was founded on the principle that successful, intelligent, people are best placed to manage their own investments. Too often we hear stories of poor advice destroying the proceeds of years of hard work. Sadly, poor management just as commonly destroys a great business.

We have designed our model to be unique in two key ways.

Firstly, our investors have control of their own investments. They decide in which investment opportunities they wish to participate, they comprise the board of the company and they meet regularly to discuss key decisions.

Secondly, we seek control of our investments by owning a majority stake. This protects our investors by ensuring major capital and strategic decisions require their approval. Moreover, we seek to add value to our businesses by having a subset of our investors on the board of the company. This ensures our investors are able to influence the success of the business.

Our greatest asset is the wisdom of our investors: Our combined knowledge enables us to make better investment decisions and enhances the success of our partner businesses.

Potential Partners

Our investment philosophy: the "John West Principle"

John West famously used the slogan "it's the fish we reject that make us the best". Nowhere is this more important than in the world of Private Equity investments.

According to Ernst & Young, over 20% of investors in Australian Private Equity fail to recover the initial capital they invested. In other words, one in five funds fail to break even for their investors - let alone achieve a great return.

And how does this occur? Because a high proportion of businesses that partner with Private Equity get severely damaged or destroyed!

At Today Investments Limited we regard that as completely unacceptable. All our investments have to pass a series of rigorous tests to ensure that we follow what Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway famously call Rule 1 of investing: 'Don't lose money'.

Before we partner with any business it must pass a series of tough financial hurdles, rigorous examination by our investment committee, a full day investigation by all our investors and a three-week due diligence process. Only then can we be virtually certain that the investment is the right one for us.

Just as importantly though we need to know that we are the right fit for your business.

So, what do we look for?

Unlike many Private Equity groups, we are not limited to specific industries. However, to be a potential partner a business needs to meet four key criteria:

Typically our members:

  • The business has a minimum five year operating history;
  • The business has strong moats and manageable risks;
  • We believe we can add value to the business; and
  • Manage their own investments, often under a SMSF structure;
  • Most importantly: management is already in place and wants to partner with Today Investments Limited.

What next?

If you think you would like to be a part of our family we would love to hear from you: very few businesses make it to the final stage, but for those that do we know we can add real value.

Today Investments Limited provides a uniquely rewarding way of investing in and mentoring successful businesses.