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Company Overview

TODAY INVESTMENTS LIMITED was established as an investment company to provide Australian residents and the global with a well-managed and cost-effective investment vehicle through which they could gain access to world equity markets. The Company seeks long term appreciation from a globally diversified portfolio, consisting primarily of international securities.

Earn up to 35% per annum for 3 years term. Invest in one of our Investment Plans and Start Earning today. We accept Bitcoin for Deposits and 5 Working Business Days of an account activation. The Income of our Company to Pay our Investors are Originated from the Trading Platform Your Funds are Managed by Specialists in International Financial Market. Invest in the Best of the best Investment Company in the World.   

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Our philosophy


The company investment objective is to achieve long term capital growth from a globally diversified portfolio of investment securities.
The primary form of investment is in common equity stocks traded on global stock markets. There are no pre-determined weightings or ranges of exposure to particular companies, industries, countries or regions. Accordingly, the country or industry weightings of the investment portfolio may be significantly different to the MSCI All Country World Free Index. However, the Investment Manager aims to structure the portfolio in a manner that provides for prudent diversification.

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TODAY INVESTMENTS, you can earn a target returns of up to 35% p.a.*

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Why Invest in Australia?

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A resilient economy

Australia provides an easy, low-risk environment to invest and do business. 
Australia is a trusted, reliable supplier of high-quality natural resources, food, education, tourism and financial services to the world. Asia continues to rely on Australia’s mineral and energy resources to power its industrialisation, while its agricultural commodities and premium food are meeting the region’s demand for clean, green and safe products.
Australia’s services-based economy is well equipped to provide wealth management, healthcare, education, tourism and professional services to Asia’s growing middle classes.

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Globally successful industries

Australia is a leading provider of goods and services that are in high demand across the global economy. The country is a major producer of natural resources, including significant liquefied natural gas reserves that are coming into production, and clean, green agricultural commodities and premium food. Australia has large, sophisticated financial markets, including the world’s sixth largest pool of managed fund assets. It is also a leading destination for education and tourism.

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Smart, enterprising people

Innovation and Skills

Australia’s highly educated, multicultural and multilingual workforce has the smarts and skills to drive innovation and grow international businesses.

Ranked the fourth smartest country in the world by INSEAD, Australia is a nation of entrepreneurs. The Australian startup ecosystem is robust and growing, with strong capabilities in fintech, edtech, medtech and agtech.  

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Connected to the world

Global Ties

As a globally integrated economy, Australia is a trusted economic partner globally and plays an integral role in Asia’s dynamic growth.

Australia’ experience and trade agreements facilitate the smooth flow of goods, services and investments with major economies across Asia, Europe and North America.

International companies can tap into Australia’s deep business and cultural ties with Asia and longstanding links with Europe and North America to expand into or enter global value chains.    

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A secure business location

Strong Foundations

In an uncertain world, Australia is a safe and secure place to invest and do business.

The country’s sound governance, solid democratic institutions and transparent regulatory system underpin its economic resilience and minimise sovereign risk.

Ranked fifth in the world for economic freedom, Australia’s efficient business frameworks make it relatively easy for multinationals to set up their operations.   

Mission and Principles

We believe that the financial system should work for the rest of us, not just the wealthy. We've cut the fat that makes other brokerages costly, like manual account management and hundreds of storefront locations, so we can offer zero commission trading. We are on a mission to democratize the Australian financial system.

Our mission is:

To be a leader in global stock market portfolio investment.

To develop lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, performance, and transparency, and

To provide our clients with prudent opportunities to increase the value of their capital assets.

Our principles define our culture:

Ethics, integrity, and respect.

Prudence, diligence, and teamwork contribute to our success.

Our clients' interests always come first.

Our success is driven by our people.

We expect honest, open dialogue throughout our company.

We value entrepreneurship, creative thinking, and innovation.

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Potential Investors

Today Investments Limited uniquely brings together successful investors who have a desire to grow and mentor business owners.

Our investors come from all walks of life but share a common desire to use their accumulated wisdom, knowledge and networks to help private businesses grow. Most are former Entrepreneurs, CEO's and CFO's who are looking for not only outstanding returns, but the chance to make a meaningful difference to Australian enterprises.

Our investors operate as a team throughout the entire investment process from analysing a business, conducting due diligence and ultimately mentoring our partners via board and advisory roles.

Potential Partners

All our investments have to pass a series of rigorous tests to ensure that we follow what Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway famously call Rule 1 of investing: 'Don't lose money'.

Before we partner with any business it must pass a series of tough financial hurdles, rigorous examination by our investment committee, a full day investigation by all our investors and a three-week due diligence process.

Only then can we be virtually certain that the investment is the right one for us. Just as importantly though we need to know that we are the right fit for your business.

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Per Annum

Referral 2% p.a

Capital Returns $1,660

Invest $1,000

Terms 36 Months




Per Annum

Referral 4% p.a

Capital Returns $8,600

Invest $5,000

Terms 36 Months




Per Annum

Referral 6% p.a

Capital Returns $17,800

Invest $10,000

Terms 36 Months




Per Annum

Referral 8% p.a

Capital Returns $920,000

Invest $500,000

Terms 36 Months




Per Annum

Referral 10% p.a

Capital Returns $1,900,000

Invest $1,000,000

Terms 36 Months




Per Annum

Referral 12% p.a

Capital Returns $19,600,000

Invest $10,000,000

Terms 36 Months

Economic Sectors



Profits $2,550

Capital Gains $5,000

Invest $3,500

Terms 36 Months

Bussiness Class



Profits $5,170

Capital Gains $10,000

Invest $6,900

Terms 36 Months

Lifestyle Ressort



Profits $26,200

Capital Gains $50,000

Invest $34,000

Terms 36 Months

Luxury Home



Profits $265,500

Capital Gains $500,000

Invest $335,000

Terms 36 Months

Ambassador Paradise



Profits $538,000

Capital Gains $1,000,000

Invest $660,000

Terms 36 Months

Royal Residence



Profits $5,450,000

Capital Gains $10,000,000

Invest $6,500,000

Terms 36 Months
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Lastest Transaction

Today Investments Limited offers its investors 6 investment plans. They differ from each other depending on the investment limits and risk exposure. At the end of the maturity period, the principal amount is returned to the investor. The amount of money you earn will depend on the amount of money you invest (including compounding) and on the total of the company's profit for each trading day.

Latest performance

Many investors earn good money by taking part in our Affiliate program. The more you invest — the bigger the profit you will receive! You will get up to 12% of each investor's deposit, that join via your unique link.


We're backed by some of the world's most notable investors.


Questions you often ask

Could you be a potential investor?

Today Investments Limited uniquely brings together successful investors who have a desire to grow and mentor business owners. Our investors come from all walks of life but share a common desire to use their accumulated wisdom, knowledge and networks to help private businesses grow. Most are former Entrepreneurs, CEO's and CFO's who are looking for not only outstanding returns, but the chance to make a meaningful difference to Australian enterprises.

Am I suitable?

Today Investments Limited is a collaborative group of successful, experienced, no nonsense investors with a shared desire to mentor and grow successful businesses. We exist to help transfer knowledge between generations and generate outstanding returns. Typically our members: Have a desire to share their knowledge and wisdom, Have at least $500,000 of investable funds (and often substantially more), Invest for the long term; and Want outstanding compounded returns (20-30%+).

Who is Today Investments Limited?

Today Investments Limited is the private equity arm of Today Investments Co., Ltd an investment group whose members own or control approximately $1 billion in invested funds. Investors are predominantly high and ultra-high net worth individuals with significant business expertise. Our businesses are all run by their existing management and seek strong and stable returns on equity.

What next?

If you think you would like to be a part of our family we would love to hear from you: very few businesses make it to the final stage, but for those that do we know we can add real value. Today Investments Limited provides a uniquely rewarding way of investing in and mentoring successful businesses.

I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

You can use the password recover feature available at your link. Your password will be changed and immediately sent to you at to the e-mail given at registration.

Do you share personal information about me with any third party?

Under no circumstances will Today Investments Limited share information about you with other companies, affiliates or partners and we will comply with confidentiality standards. We do not sell information about you to anyone. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information

What is your account currency?

Our account's currency is United States Dollars

Can I deposit multiple times?

Yes you can. You can have any number of active investments at any time

How safe is my investment with Today Investments Limited?

Let's be clear about one fact: "There is no such thing as a completely safe investment." There are, however, a number of very low risk investments available to investors - but again, none are entirely risk free. The global economy is on tilt, largely being driven by the United States, the world's financial core. Stock markets are experiencing significant devaluations, financial institutions are defaulting left and right, and the foreclosure market continues to run rampant.