Company Overview

TODAY INVESTMENTS LIMITED was established as an investment company to provide Australian residents and the global with a well-managed and cost-effective investment vehicle through which they could gain access to world equity markets. The Company seeks long term appreciation from a globally diversified portfolio, consisting primarily of international securities.

The company is located in Melbourne, Australia 101 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000. The company's representatives can be contacted during normal business hours by telephone on +61 422 722 522 or +61 458 67 9999. Alternatively, they can be contacted by mail,

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Investment Objectives & Policy

The company's investment objective is to achieve long term capital growth from a globally diversified portfolio of investment securities.

The primary form of investment is in common equity stocks traded on global stock markets. There are no pre-determined weightings or ranges of exposure to particular companies, industries, countries or regions. Accordingly, the country or industry weightings of the investment portfolio may be significantly different to the MSCI All Country World Free Index. However, the Investment Manager aims to structure the portfolio in a manner that provides for prudent diversification.

The company does not normally enter into hedging contracts to protect the Australian dollar value of its investment portfolio against declines arising from currency fluctuations or other market movements.

Investment Manager

The Investment Manager of the Company’s investment portfolio is TODAY INVESTMENTS LIMITED, to provides global and domestic investment management solutions. The Company’s investment portfolio is managed in accordance with the investment philosophy of the pioneers in global investing and its successful investment philosophy has been refined over more than 30 years.

The company specialises in wealth management and advisory services, providing investment opportunities and capital solutions for private and public companies and wholesale investors. The team combines a wealth of financial services expertise, having worked in capital markets for the majority of their respective careers. We apply our knowledge, extensive contacts and professionalism to deliver objective, best-practice advice.

TODAY INVESTMENTS LIMITED investment process endeavours to identify undervalued securities through fundamental company analysis, using a global industry focus and a long-term investment horizon.


TODAY INVESTMENTS LIMITED we look to attract and retain the brightest talents in the industry. Employees, from analysts and traders to managing partners, enjoy an atmosphere of respect, honesty, ingenuity, collegiality, and entrepreneurship. We cultivate and reward initiative, and we expect the same dedication to professionalism, ethics, and client satisfaction that defines our firm's culture.

An ideal candidate has a demonstrated track record of success, is self-driven, and excels in a team atmosphere.

Equal Opportunity Employment include traders, analysts, and business-related positions and bases on all employment decisions strictly on qualifications, abilities, and merit.  We do not discriminate.